Once upon a snow in Rome

I still have one day till the end of the winter, so I better post this before its too late. Hate being late (Yeah yeah, Spain is not the right country for those who don’t like being late). But anyways, so, snow. Snow in Rome. It was the first weekend of February and I went to Rome, when it unexpectedly started snowing.

snow in rome

It snowed for two days almost non-stop and caused a complete chaos in the city. I have never seen anything like that. The exhibition of Giovanni De Angelis | ICKU I was coming for got cancelled, all museums were closed as well (for the cause of snow. yeah, like it’s snowing inside of the museum).

The metro didnt run, neither did buses. All city reminded of a mad carousel of slow horses covered in snow with some psychadelic music on the background. People didn’t know what to wear, some wore skiis for that reason.

In other words, it was fun. All in all, it hasnt snowed for thirty years before, so I prefer to perceive the half-ruined weekend vacation as an opportunity one doesn’t get very often.

The most funny sight was in the Chinese quarter, where the local kids didn’t miss their chance to build lots and lots of snowmen, quite stunning with their creativity. But i guess you better take all your chances when you see snow once in 30 years.

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