The Bondi to Coogee walk

So finally I did it – went for this amazing costal walk, it is 6km and  the views are amazing. Perfectly spent Saturday if you add few hours of sunbathing and swimming in Coogee on top of the walk.

Bondi is a crowded and touristy beach, it is quite hard to get away from there in afternoons as the traffic is not the best. But it has some advantages like quite a lot of restaurants and a shop where you can get Karums. Coogee beach I discovered just during this visit and this is my second favorite after Manly beach.

It turns out this walk has been around since 1930 (source).

Here are some of the best images I got:

Bondi beach

Waverly Cemetery

Coogee Beach

Spider, luckily not in my shoe:

Just before leaving Coogee, I was introduced with an amazing smoothie and juice bar, they have really nice fresh fruit juices in this country. I am thinking I should exchange my morning coffee for a nice cold fresh juice.

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One thought on “The Bondi to Coogee walk

  1. Andrew says:

    if you like i’d be happy to upload some of your pictures on my site. Credits and copyright are always added.

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