Rest, beach and voting

Have you ever noticed how warm weather makes people seem more happy and more open? I think that is partly a charm of the Sydney, most of the time even when it is raining it is warm, so you can just enjoy a nice summer rain.

Last weekend was all about rest, beach and voting.

As you may have heard, there was a referendum in Latvia last Saturday if we should have Russian language as second language in Latvia. I generally did not pay too much attention to this up till I saw a dream of my mother and brother voting for and me being very angry. Maybe it was a sign, but I did found out it is possible to vote in Sydney. And turns out there is a Latvian house in Sydney. Seems that there could be around 300 Latvians in Sydney who can vote, at least according to the rumors I heard in this Latvian house.

So I was done with my vote around 11am on Saturday so it was a perfect timing to catch 12:15 ferry to Manly and spend some time on the beach. It was very crowded as there was surfing competition. I managed to escape the crowds by moving to “not so interesting” part of the beach.

I did get some tan and got a bit sunburnt. And managed to buy a book that kept me busy all weekend. If you like fantasy, I recommend Brandon Sanderson’s book Warbreaker. If I happen to get a good book in my hands, I just cannot put it down till I am done with it. Same happened with this one. But it was all worth it. And I must say, books in Sydney are crazy expensive.

And yes, I got a certificate today, all because I put peanut butter in my oatmeal. Don’t think it is so crazy though, I like peanut butter. And it goes well with oatmeal and blueberries. You should try :)

I have been wondering, is it possible to prove the fact that the more kilometers you run the happier you get? I think there is a connection there. :)

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2 thoughts on “Rest, beach and voting

  1. maranger says:

    :D love the certified crazy. i should totally pass the certification

  2. Liga says:

    It is easy, just add some peanut butter to your porridge :)

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