This has been quite an intense work week, it is so easy to work full australian working day and do not even realize how you have managed to continue on for quite a while in European one. And it has been quite a rainy week, but at least not so cold as back home. I do hope to get some sun over the weekend, lets see how that goes.

So lets talk about Home now. And this time I want to talk about restaurant – a really nice thai one on 299 Sussex street.

This place takes no reservations, instead you need to sign up on a paper by the door and take a sequence number. And then you need to wait outside, or go to some near bar or just go and buy some wine for dinner at near by bottle shop (BYOA – bring your own alcohol, quite popular concept in Sydney). Do bear in mind that the line moves quite fast and 15 people in front of you might mean 30 minutes wait time not 2 hours, we did almost missed our turn when we went there last time.

So now lets talk food, a very good food and reasonably priced one (starters from 5-10 AUD, single dishes from 9 AUD). And you can see the food being made.

My first favorite of tonight – Kanom Jeeb, no pictures as it turned out quite foggy one.

The second favorite was a really nice and fresh steamed chive dumplings. Really recommend.

The third starter we got was fish cakes (Pla Hed), nice and spicy ones.

And just when we were already full, the green chicken curry arrived, ordered extra spicy, made my cry, but in a good way :).

Near to this thai restaurant I noticed a place called “Chocolate Factory”, sounds very tempting indeed, but to my great disappointment they did not have so much actual chocolate in there. So got some dark chocolate with blueberries in shop and a really nice red wine – Penfolds Shiraz.

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