Ich war ein Berliner

My friend Rūta and her friend my friend Irita were doing gastronomic tourism in Berlin. In case this is not self-explanatory, this is when one goes to another city or country to eat. Yes, eat -  apparently, this is what chefs do.
I was there to only partly share this precious experience, so my gastronomical encounters mainly consisted of 4 am kebabs. Anyhow, what we did do a lot was pub crawling. I was sooo impressed how diverse is the pub culture in Berlin – surely nothing new for most people.
From what we did cover:

Bateau Ivre 

Address: Oranienstr. 18, 10999

beateau ivre

This was the first place we went to shortly after arriving to Kortbusser Tor, very excited. First thing I saw was a lot of litter and lots of hipsters in huge scarfs. This got me excited and I did not seize to be excited – right after seeing Ruta, I started jumping a bit, and jumped all the way to Bateau Ivre.
In Bateau Ivre I met some Spanish people. I kept meeting Spanish people through around the trip, apparently there is lots of Spanish in the world.
So Bateau Ivre – a dim place with a taste of Paris in the 30s. Lots of lamps, wooden arrangements, hand-painted menu, bartenders in cute small vests. Outside are some sitting places for smokers, together with some plants and a view on Oranienstrasse, which makes you wanna stay there forever. (If only it were warmer)

Hand-painted menu:

beateau ivre

Mano Cafe 

Address: Skalitzer Straße 46A, 10997

Oh I didn’t mention, that we actually had a Google map with pins on where to go, so the closest next was Mano Cafe. As we walked down on the Skalitzer Strasse, I got another excitement attack, because I recognized the street from a trip to Berlin a year ago, which, needless to say, was legendary, and Skalitzer Strasse was exactly the street I was to last time.
Mano Cafe turned out to be even cozier than the previous one. With a whole wooden staircase for smokers outside, cute party lamps in different colors, and a sign not to disturb people living on other floors of this house on the corner. Inside wasn’t worse – Cuban atmosphere, more colorful lamps, very nice bartenders (Spanish-speaking, can you believe it). There was also a dj and a broad cocktail selection. Sitting room was arranged with many pillows and candles, leaving a very positive impression.

mano cafe berlin

mano cafe berlin

Address: Wiener Straße 13, 10999

This was already the next day, and Mori was a cafe more than a bar. Here Irita met her future husband, who was cute and talkative Spanish-speaking person. Somewhere from South America, my guess. Anyways, the cafe featured cool posters, nice sitting places, tasty food (if to believe the menu sign) and capirinhas. Capirinhas are officially my new favorite drink.

Route 77

Address: Graefestraße 77, 10967

route77 berlin

When we entered Route 77, first thing I saw was the poster which read:
Your leaders are lying. Your leaders are dying. Your dealers are lying. Your dealers are dying.
We shrugged and continued with the new favourite drink capirinhas. After that we ordered some nachos with guacamole and oh my god what portions and oh my god how tasty. The place was packed, they have life music, lots of hipsters (of course), low comfortable sofas and candles, candles, candles.


Address: not sure, next door to Route 77

minibar berlin

Now Minibar is not listed much on the Internet, but it was recommended to us as “probably the best bar in Berlin”. I have to agree, and we all did – Minibar is probably the best bar in Berlin. With its door right next to Route 77, all that indicates that its a bar at first is a red sign BAR. We entered and awkwardly asked if this was Minibar. It was. We were the first visitors. After some time, when around 10 people gathered in the place – Ruta noted that it was packed.
Anyway, Minibar indeed mini is, but sooo cool that its hard to describe, really. Again, nice bartender – not very talkative, but you know, the type, you want to hug out of nothing and say – I feel safe now. He was probably the owner too. High bar chairs, more capirinhas, very recommended place.

Excuse me for the shitty pictures, but somehow I think they convey the mood very well.

And a bonus – Ruta’s tattoo. We were pending on whether we should hide it better.

indian fire sign nazi

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