A long day

So after sleeping 6 hours and waking up at 6am this morning, i am still awake, and it is 1am. I am totally confused with times. I should go to sleep I suppose but don’t feel like that at all at the moment.

So decided to share some highlights of today…

It is raining all day, and raining is mildly said, it is jut pouring down. Not something I expected from Sydney at all. And next days do not look any better. I was thinking of buying a swim suit and sun glasses, instead I should go for an umbrella and rubber boots. I just keep reminding to myself that at least it is warm, lets see how long this will help.

Otherwise I did finally get the 10 dollar steak for lunch at Cargo Bar. I think it will be my lunch at least one time per week. It was really good. Just the red wine could make it better but I suppose I cannot do that for lunch really.

Managed to try out the apartment building’s gym also, a small one but nice to have it just downstairs. I think I will be one of the frequent visitors for next few months.

Tomorrow is a public holiday here – Australia day. Supposedly they have better fireworks than on New Years eve, but with this rain don’t think we will see anything.

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One thought on “A long day

  1. maranger says:

    haha blondie you know its really ok with the wine for lunch at spain. come back! :D

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