All the way down under

All last week I was imagining myself walking the streets of Sydney. And now I am here, well, after some 28 hours of traveling.

First I must say that I almost did not get to come here as I did not think of applying for visa, well, for a person that has been to Sydney twice this is quite blond, but after very stressful Saturday night I did get my visa without any problems.

My first flight to Amsterdam was quite early – 6:25, so I had to wake up around 4. As I did not want to take my winter boots with (as I am coming back to Europe in late spring), I purchased summer ones, but did I managed to go through a pile of snow and get them quite wet, but, oh well, I am saying goodbye to winter now!

Had to wait some 4 hours in Amsterdam airport, not the most exciting place to be (unless you like casino’s as a place where to kill time while waiting for flights), but you can get 1 hour of quite slow internet for free, so at least there is something.

Next flight was 11 hours, to Guangzhou, with China Southern Airlines. The plane was nice and quite empty but did not manage to sleep as it was a day time in Europe still. Did watch few quite bad movies, lost in Scrabble and did not manage to do any of the studying I thought I will be able to do. 11 hour flights are not easy, especially when you know there is one more 9h one in front of you.

Guangzhou airport I remember as a very cold place, had to wait like for an hour for security checking for international flight, there was just 1 station for everyone who had transfer flight there and they scanned you, your belongings and yet again checked your boarding pass. Don’t really want to go back there.

The last 9h flight was quite a torture, plane was old, full, quite a lot of turbulence (yes, it still creeps me out), no option to choose movies, tried to sleep just to wake up every 20 minutes to see that we are not there yet. And a piece of advise, do not wear new shoes for long flights, it gets hard to put them on in the end.

Security check in Sydney went quite fast, no questions asked, no baggage scanning. Sydney greeted us with some rain last night, but I forgive it as it is nice and warm here.

So after 6h of sleep I am awake and enjoying some coffee. It is almost 7am in the morning and it is warm here!

Sleep well everyone back home!

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One thought on “All the way down under

  1. Jolanta says:

    Oh yeah, at least 2 very blond things … :)

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