Just winter

Have been really lazy lately to sit down and write. And really not because there is nothing to write about, but just because inspiration is not here. I blame the winter. And as for the winter, I will soon be escaping it to spend some time “down under” in Sydney.

Last time I was in Sydney in 2010, got the chance to go there twice. The place has a special charm I must say, don’t know if it is because it is so far away or because of the nice weather. But when I now think of Sydney, I remember sun, beach, nice food, long waiting by traffic lights by pedestrian crossings, making pancakes on Sunday mornings, banana bread, 10 dollar steak, checking my shoes for spiders, Blue mountains.

Hmm, hopefully in a bit more than a week I will be here:

But at the moment I am trying to find different excuses (yes, also making this blog post) not to finalize my Java homework that is due very soon, so I suppose I should just get back on interfaces and subclasses now. Unless I manage to find some other good excuse of course!

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