San Miguel market in Madrid

San Miguel market was the highlight of Madrid. Boqueria in Barcelona is kids playground compared with it. First of all, what’s remarkable is the opening hours of the market – till 2 AM Thursday, Friday and Saturday, till 00 AM other days.

Secondly, the market had Christmas decorations. And one could buy super cute Christmas presents too – delicately painted egg shells, Christmas tree toys, figuerettes, and much more.

Thirdly, the market offered a busting selection of tapas of all kind, wine, and even a stand with “Russian caviar” and “Russian vodka”. Quotation marks is because they offered Russian Standard, which is not really real vodka, and the caviar was black and from sturgeon, and we all know its banned for export. Or is it? One small can cost 350 EUR, so might have been the real deal..

Having arrived there well close to midnight on a Friday, the market was lively, full with people conversing, enjoying wine and tapas, families with kids, couples – generally the impression was super positive. And you couldn’t really get cold – there were heaters placed all over. That, combined with beautiful architecture of the beginning of 20th century, made you feel at home.

If you are ever in Madrid – make sure to go there.

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